Reading list

Here is a list of extra reading that may be interesting and provide further insight into particular topics. This is by no means a complete bibliography and we welcome any additions!


Canonical books and papers:

The sperm whale data

Estimation of sperm whale abundance in the North Atlantic by NOAA:

Introduction to distance sampling

Field methods, survey design etc

Other stuff

Response distributions

  • Papers about using the Tweedie distribution
    • Shono, H. (2008). Application of the Tweedie distribution to zero-catch data in CPUE analysis. Fisheries Research, 93(1-2), 154–162.
    • Foster, S. D., & Bravington, M. V. (2012). A Poisson–Gamma model for analysis of ecological non-negative continuous data. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 20(4), 533–552.
  • Comparison of negative binomial and quasi-Poisson
    • Ver Hoef, J. M., & Boveng, P. L. (2007). Quasi-Poisson vs. negative binomial regression: how should we model overdispersed count data? Ecology, 88(11), 2766–2772.


  • Within mgcv the ?smooth.terms manual page lists all spline bases available in mgcv (and therefore dsm)

Selecting basis size

Checking and validation


Multiple smooths and model selection



Practical advice