Distance Sampling Workshops 2019

This is the site for the Distance Sampling Workshops given in St Andrews, 19th - 30th August, 2019. The course is in three parts:

  • Introduction to R for Distance Sampling, 19th - 20th August
  • Introduction to Distance Sampling, 21st - 23rd August
  • Advanced Distance Sampling, 26th - 30th August

Course materials

There is also a bibliography listing additional useful publications.


To come!

Refresher of distance sampling concepts

The introductory distance sampling course (previously delivered in St Andrews) is now online for free.


Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops to use during the workshop practicals. R will be used. To ensure your computer is setup correctly prior to the workshop please check the instructions below.


The course will use R, RStudio and various R packages to be installed from CRAN. The following steps should setup your computer for the workshop:

  1. Install R from the R website
  2. Install RStudio from the RStudio website
  3. Open RStudio and install R packages using the following command (cut and paste into the Editor window and submit):
install.packages(c("mrds", "Distance", "dsm", "DSsim", "ggplot2", "rgdal", "knitr",
                   "plyr", "raster", "reshape2", "viridis", "htmltools",
                   "caTools", "bitops", "rmarkdown", "tweedie", "shapefiles"))

There may be quite a lot of packages downloaded in this process, including many not listed here because the packages listed depend upon many other packages.