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Learn distance sampling › Chapter 7 R coding updates
Revisions to R packages Distance and mrds Read More ›

Learn distance sampling › Fix to link for Chapter 7 Montrave line transect data
The line transect data from Montrave study now accessible Read More ›

Self-assessment quiz now available
Check your understanding of material in introductory chapter Read More ›

Missing point transect exercise videos found!
Chapter 3 exercise had been linked to wrong videos Read More ›

Interested in analysis using R?
Four new exercises and a new lecture Read More ›

Automated survey design
New material in Chapter 4 Read More ›

Learn distance sampling › Fix to video links for Exercises 1.2 and 1.3
Exercise introduction videos now visible Read More ›

Learn distance sampling › Introductory distance sampling course now available
Website with lectures and exercises available to all Read More ›