Introductory distance sampling course now available

Learn distance sampling

Introductory distance sampling course now available

Website with lectures and exercises available to all

This website is now ready for public consumption. Learning about distance sampling is now possible by viewing 21 videos and completing 12 exercises. Each exercise has an introduction and solution in both printed and video formats.

There is also a description of additional materials that learners can use for additional experience.

The website will develop over time with additional material being added and existing material refreshed. We are interested in your experiences and questions. There are two ways for learners to contact us on this website:

  • On each of the chapter pages we have provided access to Disqus that you can use to leave comments or questions that are visible for all users of the site. This facilitates discussion of topics among learners visiting the site.
  • There is also a Contact page, accessed from the navigation bar. This page contains a form that you can complete to send your comments/questions to the website team. We are happy to receive your comments via either mechanism.

Enjoy learning about distance sampling.

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