R tutorial

Prior to the distance sampling workship, there will be a optional R tutorial. Here you can find the exercises and data for the tutorial. All content is here and will remain here on the Distance website for future consultation.

Practicals are provided in RMarkdown (.Rmd) format. RMarkdown can be opened in RStudio and the file “knitted” into HTML or PDF.

HTML and PDF versions of all practicals is provided below.

Number Practical Description Exercise Solution Data file
1 R basics Rmd PDF PDF  
2 Real data in R Rmd PDF PDF ducknests
3 Using covariates Rmd PDF PDF amakihi
4 GLMs, prediction, bootstraps Rmd PDF PDF lure-trials.csv mainsurveydetections.csv
5 data.frame manipulation RmdPDF PDF montrave
6 Importing Distance projects Rmd PDF Slides   ducknest.dst

We also provide a handy R glossary.