Interested in analysis using R?

Interested in analysis using R?

Four new exercises and a new lecture

Chapter 7 describes use of R for distance sampling analysis

Those wishing to know how to analyse distance sampling data using R, rather than Distance for Windows; this new material is for you.

There are no new principles of distance sampling associated with this material, because all that is described in this material is analysis using different software. As such there is only a single (short) lecture introducing you to differences between analysis using these two pieces of software. Much of that difference revolves around data organisation; because Distance for Windows takes care of data organisation matters; but with R, you must take more responsibility for organising distance sampling data.

Three exercises that were present in previous materials have been re-done using R.

  • duck nest data from Monte Vista refuge (Chapter 1)
  • Montrave point transect songbird data (Chapter 3) and
  • Hawaiian amakihi data (Chapter 5)

There is also an additional exercise that cannot be conduct using Distance for Windows. The analysis of this Scottish crossbill lure survey data is described in the lecture on multipliers in Chapter 6. These exercises are cross-referenced in the chapters where the theory is introduced.

Each of the exercises has a description and solution. Both the description and solution has a narrative highlighting important aspects of the material. We have also provided Rmarkdown files used to create the exercise narration. Those Rmarkdown files are supplemental and are not central to understanding analysis of distance sampling data using R.

We would appreciate hearing your comments about the addition of these materials. Would you the readers, like to see more of the Distance for Windows exercises augmented with companion R versions?

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