Chapter 7 R coding updates

Learn distance sampling

Chapter 7 R coding updates

Revisions to R packages Distance and mrds

In March 2022, the Distance software development group updated the R packages upon which several of the Chapter 7 exercises depend. The syntax of some of the function names and arguments were changed in these updates. Consequently, the code in exercises 7-1, 7-2 and 7-4 has been changed to reflect the syntax changes.

You will find the PDF for these three exercises as well as the solution PDFs have changed. Likewise the Rmarkdown files (.rmd) creating these PDFs have also changed. The video narrative describing the exercises have not been changed. If you watch the videos closely, you will find some of the old, incorrect syntax shown in the videos. The PDFs contain information more current that the videos; rely upon the code shown in the PDFs.

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