Here you can find the slides used in the lectures. They are provided in three formats (where possible): PDF (for printing), HTML (for viewing online, with animations) and the source R presentation files (so you can see how all the graphics were produced).


Lecture name PDF HTML Rpres
Introduction to R PDF    
Distance sampling review & assumptions Notes    
Simulation of distance sampling PDF    
What is a density surface model? PDF HTML Rpres
Generalized Additive Models PDF HTML Rpres
DSM model checking PDF HTML Rpres
Multivariate smoothing, model selection PDF HTML Rpres
DSM predictions and variance PDF HTML Rpres
DSM practical advice and advanced topics PDF HTML Rpres
Estimation with incomplete detection at distance zero PDF    
Mark-recapture distance sampling (MRDS) in Distance 7.1 PDF    
MRDS Example: faecal pellet survey PDF